the next generation
of personal computer

Imagine a device that can fit in your pocket and has practically unlimited performance.
Imagine a personal computer that would change its performance instantly, based on your needs.
Imagine that you wouldn’t need to upgrade your hardware ever and yet have all the performance you need.
You just imagined the Clouder.

What is clouder

Clouder is a combination of hardware and software that will revolutionize the way we understand personal computers.
Whether you need serious gaming performance or just to get through some emails it's not a problem. You pay for only what you actually
use and you can change your settings anytime

Clouder air client

We provide you with fine-tuned client to work with our software. The device It is about the size of a deck of cards with dimensions of 3,9 x 2,9 x 0,9 inches.

User friendly yet professional

It doesn’t matter whether you use Linux or Windows, both are supported. You simply connect the device to the computer, log in and use it as you are used to.

Literally personal

You can change settings of your Clouder anytime and tune it up to your own needs and requirements. All the data are securely stored and encrypted.

Performance on demand

Whether you need first class performance or just browse the internet the less capacity and performance you need the less you pay.

Custom data protocol in the making

To make the experience far superior to any other device we are cooperating with Technical University on custom data protocol.

Eco friendly yet powerful

The device has energy consumption comparable to a smartphone, so about 12x less than average PC.

Be there with us!

The Team

We are Czech based company that has background in IT support, cyber security, cloud computing,
business-critical support, hardware, printing solutions and data networks.

We are passionate about hardware, software and design and we started Clouder based on needs
of our business partners and colleagues.

You are welcome to join us on our journey.

Adam Koudela


Jan Slovioček


Marek Basler

Graphic & Design

Lukáš Kučera

Project manager

Petr Kurjan

Service Engineer

Meet us

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